Tips to Publishing Children’s Books

One of the biggest markets in the publishing world is that for children’s books. Parents today are more than ever reading to their children, and willing to buy them more books to read on their own. This demand has made it easier for new children’s writers to break into the market and make a good living from their books. Some do manage to sign on with mainstream publishers, but a larger number are opting for self publishing. When deciding to go the self publishing route, one must understand certain aspects.

The first is in budgeting for your publication. You will need to raise some capital towards this. When you market your book, you will need to have a stock of readymade books of good quality to sell. To help minimize on printing costs, make use of China printers. They offer some of the lowest prices on such high quality printing. In order for a children’s book to have appeal, it must be well made in multicolored schemes and colorful imagery. If you are however trying to market a novel for older children, you can cut out the images and stick to black ink text that is most affordable.

To further limit your printing costs, also consider the number of pages you will be creating for each book. Multiple pages are normally printed on single large sheets that are later cut up into individual pages. Ensure that you make optimal use of what space the large sheet has to offer. Opting for standard sizing for your book is another way to save as customized sizing will certainly increase your costs. Another valuable tip is to ensure that when choosing an illustrator that you find someone whose body of work is in tune with the kind of writing you offer. Imagery is important for children’s books and it helps to find a good fit to your narration. 

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